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Jassreglement und Spielerklärung in Englisch

Switzerland insofar is unique because such a small country not only has an own pattern but also an
own entire suit system. These suits are bell, shield, rose and acorn. Cards with such suits are called
Swiss cards, and in Switzerland they are mostly titled as German or German-Swiss cards.
Despite the small area also cards with French suits are in use. Interesting as well is that the according
usage is not along the language border.

Jass has produced many generations of enthusiastic players and is an important part of Swiss culture
just like the Alphorn or Swiss wrestling. Practically every „Beiz“ (en: pub) can offer all the equipment
needed for a good game of jass: the playing cards; a map (Carpet) to put on the table and keep the
cards clean; and a blackboard (slate) with two chalk cryon for noting the scores. There is a special
method to keep score, which is best shown to you by a Swiss friend the first time you play together.
This is a good way to kill two birds with one stone; have fun and practise your Swiss German at the
same time !

Spielerklärung (Rules) for the Swiss Game: Jass  / see movie here: press here to play Movie for Jass Game Rules

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